Arrival date of your first Ruby-throated hummingbird
April and May

It would be helpful if you would send us the arrival dates for your first male and your first female.  According to the literature, males arrive earlier, and we would like to validate this finding for Quebec.  Taken together, this data will be highly useful for us.

Please don’t hesitate to send us the date of your first hummingbird sighting even if there are already reports in your municipality.

For a chance to observe the first migrants, set up your feeders around April 20-25.

Considering a large number of participants, to avoid the superposition of the mentions on the map, I would like to have your civic address, which will not be published but will be used for a localization a little more precise. Especially useful in the municipalities with single postal code.

The five fields with an asterisk before their name are required.

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