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Presentation of the Arrival Map

In the top left corner, the Legend shows that the colour of the dots on the map varies according to
the arrival date of the first hummingbird at a location.

In the top ribbon, two dropdown lists allow the selection of the year and
period of the arrivals to display. By default, the arrivals for the current year are displayed.
Select a previous year or limit the period to only a few days of the selected year.
An a example, if you select the May 6 to 10 period, only the arrivals for this period will appear as blue dots on the map.
If you select another year, the arrivals for the same period for the selected year will appear.
You can use the two red arrows to go to another year instead of using the dropdown list.

When you click on a dot, an ibformation box opens.
If you check « Auto Info », the information boxes will open automatically as you move the mouse over the dots.
However, if you leave it unchecked, you will have to click on the dots to open their info box.
To submit the information about the arrival of the hummingbirds at your location,
click on the "Submit arrival dates" button to access the form.

Are you ready? Click on the link below to open the arrival map.

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